Breed history

Believed to be the oldest of the French scenthounds, the Porcelaine is also known as the Chien de Franche-Comté, after a former French region bordering Switzerland. Following the French Revolution (1789-1799), examples of the Porcelaine were found at the Franco-Swiss border, leading to confusion over whether it is of French or Swiss origin. However, the breed is recognized as French, and is thought to descend from the English Harrier, the now-extinct Montaimboeuf, as well as some smaller Laufhunds of Switzerland. The breed has been recorded in France since 1845 and in Switzerland since 1880, when the first hunting packs were established. At one point after the French Revolution, the breed actually disappeared but was "reconstructed" and now stands on solid ground. The Porcelaine is mainly used for hunting hare and roe deer in packs and is found mostly in France. They are not known outside France, Switzerland and Italy. They also hunt wild boar (in the north).

Порселен (Фарфоровая гончая)