Vizsla at home

Although Vizslas were originally developed for hunting, you don’t have to be a hunter to experience the pleasure and companionship that this breed can bring to you. It is true that Vizslas possess a strong desire for the hunt but they seem to be equally contented just being around people.

Highly affectionate and loving dogs, they quickly form close bonds with their owners. Loyal to the core, you can count on yours being at your side every chance it gets.

The Vizsla’s warm disposition and medium-size frame makes it an excellent choice for households with children, Vizslas are smart and easily trainable – b big plus for the owner who may not have much time to devote to training. Furthermore, their size, sturdy body structure, intense loyalty, and strong instincts, make them excellent watchdogs and protectors of the family, Vizslas are built for endurance and stamina, making them superior exercise partners for walkers and runners.

Still another reason many persons choose Vizslas as pets is that they are relatively low maintenance. They are naturally clean, with short coats that require little grooming. Their teeth seem to accumulate tartar at a slower rate than many breeds; therefore dental and gum problems are uncommon in this breed. In addition, they have very few psychological problems if provided adequate attention. In general, the Vizsla is a hardy breed, the result of a large and diverse ancestral gene pool nurtured throughout the centuries by Hungarian nobility.

Materials for this article are taken from a book “Vizslas” by Chris C. Pinney, D.V.M.