Breed standard

The general appearance
The general appearance of a Hungarian Vizsla in repose suggests dignity and subtle vigor, with a gentle appeal though. His nobly shaped medium sized square body exhibits a fair balance of pose and ease in movement.
The skull
The skull of the graceful, dry head, shows extremely developed muscles. The top is moderately wide and bisected lengthwise by a slight furrow. A distinct stop is not desirable: the skull is prolonged in a mild arch to the muzzle.
The ears
The ears are positively long, low set and by no means fleshy. They fall in graceful folds flat to the cheeks, their lower part is rounded, the fine skin is well clothed with silky hair.
The eyes
The eyes are full but not prominent, they are set neither too close, nor wide apart. The lids close tightly, the white of the eyeball is not visible. The yellow of the iris may be lighter or darker than the hair, yet too light shade is not desirable.
The cheeks
The muzzle is straight, somewhat longer than the skull, moderately tapering, and never pointed. The nostrils are of medium width, the nose should be dark yellow but flesh color is not objectionable: only slate or black nose disqualifies. The flews cover tightly both the upper and lower jaws, they must not be loose and pendent.
The teeth
The china colored teeth are strong: overshot or underhung jaws represent grave defects.
The neck
The neck is of medium length and well muscled, it is gracefully sloping and broadening into the shoulders, its skin is fairly tight, never wrinkled.
The shoulders
The shoulders powerful and elastic, lay back obliquely to the body.
The chest
Not too broad but rather long, reaches down to the elbow. The distance from its top to bottom approximately equals the distance from the bottom to ground. Also the ribs behind the shoulders reach deep and well rounded.
The loins
The loins, short and slightly arched, are tied firmly to the spine.
The body
The body is well muscled and proportional
The rump
The rump is proportionally long, broad and sloping.
The belly
The belly is moderately large and tucked up.
The fore legs
The fore legs are straight with strong musculature, also the pasterns show no declination to either side. The angle, formed by the upper thigh and shoulder blade, is 110 degrees-120 degrees.
The hind legs
The hind legs are well muscled, and seen from the rear, straight. They are stretched backwards at an angle even in standing position.
The tail
The tail is set low, slightly below the back level. Though cropping is prescribed to, to leave 2/3 of the length, complying with the general wish and usage, is mostly cut in half.
The back
The back is rather short, broad and muscular. Convex and concave curvature (Camel back or sway back) is objectionable.
The coat
The coat is silky, dense, the hair short; it lies close to the skin. Although there is no undercoat, the skin stands moisture and all kinds of weather well. Too thin and too short-haired coat (mouse coat) forbids eligibility for breeding.
The color
The color of the coat varies from tan to yellow shades; sedge-yellow is characteristic of the breed. Dark brown and pale yellow colors are objectionable. Small white spots on breast or toes may occur, but the smaller they are, the better—solid color is definitely preferred.
Scale of Points
Skull   10
Muzzle   15
Eyes-ears   5
Body and belly   10
Feet and toes   10
Tail   15
Coat   10
Neck, breast, shoulders   10
Legs   10
General Appearance   5
Total   100
In order to qualify the usefulness of the Hungarian Vizsla, we do well in comparing him with the best-known breeds in the pointer line. The English pointer has an extremely speedy dash and excellent scent. He points firmly but retrieves poorly. Not a too many-sided breed. The German pointer is more versatile: he has a fine scent, retrieves and brings well, but at a moderate speed. The Hungarian Vizsla unites the good faculties of these two pointers. Never nervous, he is quick, has superb scent, is reliable in retrieving, bringing and trace keeping. A peerless all-purpose gun-dog.
Height: 19 5/8"-24 1/8" (20 ½"-22 ½" desirable).
Ideal weight: 48-56 lbs.